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About Cleo

A brief introduction

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Raised in the Nation’s Capital, Cleo has been exploring the best the region has to offer for nearly three decades. Drawing you in with long curly locks, welcoming brown eyes, and a mischievous smile, it’s a breeze to whisk you away from your day-to-day monotony. A fiery personality and sharp wit provide the type of company that keeps you on your feet. Hopefully you enjoy sharing moments filled with naughty inclinations, new experiences, and a guaranteed adrenaline rush. 

From a diverse, urban upbringing to an Ivy League education, she has always met and befriended those from all walks of life. A desire to connection via the sensual and unconventional brought her to the world of companionship. Things fell into place immediately—there was no looking back or playing by the old rules. Being able to enjoy shared intimacy with those who value her time and undivided attention made it all worthwhile. 

An unabashed free spirit has been key to remaining open to new experiences and new people. Meeting new lovers, becoming acquainted with, and spending time with one another is the most rejuvenating way to embrace life and grow as a person. As such, quality time and acts of service narrowly beat gifts as her greatest love languages. 

Whether called upon for business or pleasure, she enjoys visiting new restaurants, staying in new cities, and trying things for the first time. From her adventurous spirit, to her pragmatic planning, she makes a great travel partner or weekend friend. When she isn’t indulging in retail therapy or deliberate self care, she cooks and frequents the cycling studio. You’re just as likely to catch her mingling at a snazzy rooftop bar in a sundress, as on an hike with a joint dangling between her fingers. 

Cleo's ideal date toes the line between fantasy and reality until they are one and the same. Perhaps it’s time for you to reach out, get together, and indulge in an adventure.

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